Birmingham Update

Interview - Volunteer
Name: Gary
Occupation/Previous Occupation: Retired – Logistics Manager
How long have you been volunteering for the PSU? August 2016
How often do you volunteer? Once per week (core volunteer)
Why did you decide to volunteer for the PSU? I was introduced to the PSU by a couple of old work colleagues, who were existing volunteers. I thought it sounded interesting and now that I am retired, I thought it would be nice to give something back.
What is your favourite part of volunteering for the PSU? I think it’s important to firstly understand what clients are looking to gain from the service. Once this has been established, I enjoy every part of helping clients through the court process.

Thank you cards/emails

a) We received an email from a client we had supported throughout his application to spend time with his children (see below):

I am one from the millions you people are helping every day. I had visited PSU Birmingham before I made an application in the family court for children contact. I had been warmly welcomed, comforted and been provided accurate and efficient help. I had been supported to fill an application form and I had been shown the right direction. Every time I had an hearing in the court a member of staff from PSU accompanied me and prepared notes for me. Today I had last hearing in the court at about 10 AM and I had been provided full support and by the grace of God almighty and support of PSU I got the justice from the court. I have been allowed to get in touch with my children.

Dear Sir, I am not a writer by profession but It brings tears of joy and happiness in my eyes when I think of great work PSU is doing by helping people in community. With the hard work and support of the PSU, a father is able to see his children and children have been reunited to their father. I salute all of you lovely people and do not have words to express my feelings about this wonderful organisation.
Thank you very much again.
Moment of the week

Birmingham City Council were seeking possession of Neil’s* property. For the past four months, we have been assisting Neil at every stage of the process. Neil was unable to read and write, had significant health difficulties and a limited support network around him. He was very overwhelmed with the process in front of him and initially was reluctant to accept any help and face his issue head on. After we had established a good rapport with Neil, he would bring all postal correspondence to the PSU to ensure that he didn’t miss anything. We helped Neil with all correspondence to Birmingham County Court, Birmingham City Council and the homeless shelter. Furthermore, we helped him to complete the relevant applications and attended his possession and eviction hearings to provide much-needed emotional and practical support.
On Friday, he came up to the PSU office to inform us that he had been given a flat by the Salvation Army and to thank us for all the help we had given him these last few months.

*name has been changed.