Online Courts and How Artificial Intelligence is affecting the legal sector

No one can ignore the influence the digital world is having on the legal sector. Law firms and the judiciary are now expected to keep up with the advances in technology whilst maintaining the formalities of court, client relationships and running a successful business.  

This is an exciting time for the legal sector. However there are many questions on how influenced and involved the sector should be in these advancements. 

We have brought together industry experts to help answer these questions and discuss key themes, such as: 

  • The introduction of online courts and the implications and advantages this brings
  • What to expect from the online courts 
  • Cyber security – what needs to be considered for the online courts to be safe and secure? How can law firms ensure their online systems and databases are secure enough to protect clients? 
  • How does such technology affect legal companies? How can they ensure their own future? For example, the introduction of 'robot lawyers' and phone applications for mediation in child contact cases.
  • With the advancement in technology, how can we ensure the client/ individual stays atthe heart of the justice system? 

A delicious breakfast will be provided by our generous hosts, aql at Salem Chapel, before the event and there will also be time for you to network with other like-minded professionals. Finally, you will also be able to ask our panel questions. 


Lord Justice Briggs, Deputy Head of Civil Justice

We are very pleased to announce that Sir Michael Briggs will be speaking on our panel. In July 2016, he produced the Civil Courts Structure Review and in it outlines the requirement to introduce online courts for civil cases. We are thrilled that he will be sharing his opinion on such an important issue. 

He was called to the Bar in 1978 and has since held positions, such as the Attorney General to the Duchy of Lancaster, High Court Chancery Judge and the Vice Chancellor of the County of Palatine of Lancaster and appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal in April 2013.  He was also the Personal Support liaison judge until July 2016. In July 2017 it was announced that he had been appointed to the Supreme Court with effect from 2nd October 2017.

Neill Horie, Head of Articificial Intelligence Optimisation at Home Agency

Neill has experience of helping people improve their methodology, using data analysis-driven insights to make their structure more efficient. He has worked with FTSE 500 clients to change how they approach their digital information, making it easier for them to communicate and sell to customers. More recently at Home, he created and heads up the Artificial Intelligence Optimisation department, which covers areas which are traditionally SEO, as well as newer areas including AI Assistants, brand assistants and more.

Gary Hibberd, Director at Agenci

Gary has a passion for all things cyber which was sparked in 1985 when he began his career as a programmer. As a result of that passion Gary went on to become a renowned expert on ISO 27001 and GDPR. Today Gary is a passionate practitioner and regular speaker on cyber security. Gary speaks across the globe to both large and small business as well as private and public organisations. He loves to engage the next generation of cyber experts speaking in schools, colleges and universities. As part of his busy life Gary has authored books on cyber security and business continuity as well as contributing to government initiatives on cyber security and counter terrorism.

Jonathan Maskew, Business Development Director at ClerksRoom Direct and BillyBot

Jonathan has over 25 years' experience supporting the legal sector, starting off as Practice Director and Senior Clerk for a Chambers in Birmingham. Since then he has developed his career within legal community as a Course Developer at the University of Law,  Chambers Director and advising Chambers with strategy and business development. More recently he has specialised in the provision of service through LegalTech, AI and Robot Lawyers, in particular with the creation of a chatbot, BillyBot - the world's first robot junior clerk - and as a speaker for LegalTechLive - a US based live video show highlighting and promoting the advancements and innovators in law and technology.

Further speakers will be confirmed soon. We will update this page as and when.


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